All you need to know about digital locks and home security devices! Learn more about latest trends and technologies surrounding digital locks and home security devices. Join us as we discuss the differences between the different brands and models of digital locks, key factors to consider when choosing a digital lock, etc. The largest digital lock distributor in Singapore, Zansan carries more than 100 models across brands such as Samsung, Schlage, Yale, Asus, Gateman and more. A digital lock specialist, we help our customers find the lock that best fit their needs, budget and lifestyle.


  1. Zansan Recommends #4
    • March 17,2021

    One of the oldest lock manufacturers, Schlage has been making locks for the last 100 years! The Schlage S510 is one of our best sellers. The re-locking and double lock functions are suitable for families with school going kids! Read more

  2. Zansan Recommends #3
    • January 14,2021

    The Samsung SHS P717 digital lock is one of the safest digital locks in the market. Integrating some of the latest innovations to provide added security, this digital lock is designed to offer the highest level of protection for home and loved ones, Read more

  3. Zansan Recommends #2
    • December 12,2020

    Made from high-grade aluminum alloy, the Bosch ID30B digital lock showcases superior strength and resilience in its design. A perfect integration of elegant design and technology, the Bosch ID30B digital lock is just what you need to add the element of sophistication to your home. Read more

  4. You Got Your New Home, What's Next?
    • December 10,2020

    How can you better prepare yourself for your new home? It can be an overwhelming process with the paperwork and planning for renovation. Let us help you! Read on! Read more

  5. I Cannot Unlock My Door, Help!
    • November 27,2020

    Read on to learn more about the reasons why you are unable to unlock your door lock and how you can resolve these problems. Read more

  6. Zansan Recommends #1
    • November 22,2020

    Featuring our customers' top pick! Read more