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November 25, 2020 |

4 Things to Consider Before Your Digital Lock Installation|

Digital Lock Installation in Singapore

So, you have decided to get digital door locks for your home. However, you are fretting about their installation in suitable places. You need not worry, as the technicians at Zansan are experts in digital lock installation in Singapore.

By installing and setting up a digital lock at your place, you can choose a smart working locking system for your doors. Digital locks allow the doors to open and close automatically. There are some specifications for the digital lock doors, and a qualified technician knows how to fix them.

Requirements for Digital Lock Installation Singapore

  • Check your door thoroughly and examine its condition. The door must open and close with ease, and its corners should go straight. Its deadbolt should align well, or else the digital lock will not work properly.
  • You need to make room for a digital lock in your door. If a deadbolt exists in your door, the digital lock will simply replace it. If there is no deadbolt in the door, you need to install one before the digital lock.
  • The thickness of the door also plays a role in determining the functionality of the digital lock. Moreover, the distance from the centre of the entrance to the door edge is also significant to measure.

With Zansan, you just have to choose the type of digital lock you want. The rest of the work and digital lock installation in Singapore is our responsibility. Digital locks require fixing at the door as well as installation of the system software. You can also operate the latest digital locks with your smartphones.


4 Things to Consider Before Your Digital Lock Installation

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Digital locks are gaining popularity in both residential and commercial properties. Other than convenience and security, digital lock adds aesthetic value and freshens up the look of the property.

With numerous brands in the market, and each offering multiple models, what should you look out for before buying a digital lock?

1. Alignment of door

Some doors, in particular those in old flats, are slightly misaligned. This is typically due to hinges issue which is expected after prolonged use.

Some digital locks have function that allows the locking and unlocking of doors to be done remotely and it is important to ensure that the deadbolt can extend and retract freely when using this function. When your door is misaligned, the deadbolt might end up jamming into the frame of your door and not able to function properly.

If you often find yourself having to give that extra push after you close your door to make sure it is fully closed, you probably have a misalignment door that needs to be fixed.


2. Workmanship

Workmanship is the key determining factor in the installation of digital lock. The engineer needs to have a good understanding of the door material to avoid damaging the doors during installation. Precision is also key in ensuring that the lock is fitted in nicely. An ill-fitting lock does not only look unpresentable, it might run into functionality problems in the long run.

The reviews on the business page would be a good place to go to gauge the standard of the work!


3. After sales service

After sales service is of paramount importance with any purchase, in particular, products like digital lock that uses technology. While most locks are designed to be user friendly, there might still be instances where support is required to help navigate certain functions of the lock, or in event a lock, for various reason, is not operating well.

A good after sales service supports with the trouble shooting and fixes the problems. You will never have to worry having to figure out the digital lock on your own.


4. Functionality of lock

The range of digital locks in the market is huge – from those offering the basic functions to one that carries the latest technology. Ultimately, it boils down to two points –

  1. Why do you want a digital lock; and
  2. Who will be using the digital lock; 

For a family with a school going kid that will head home from school on their own, the fingerprint system might be a good option as it eliminates the need for a key and is easy to use. On the other hand, a family with elderly parents might consider digital lock that allows key card access as the fingerprint of their elderly parents might not be as prominent and it can be frustrating for them to use the fingerprint access.

Getting the right lock can bring the convenience and security you are looking for! With the many options available in the market, it can get overwhelming searching for one that fits your needs and budget.

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