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March 2, 2023 |

A Guide To Select The Best Digital Door Locks|

The advancement of technology has had profound effects on our society. Many individuals now rely on high-tech gadgets, like smartphones, smart watches, and even smart digital locks, to keep their homes safe. Theft and break-ins are not uncommon, so it’s best we safeguard our homes. The traditional lock and key system can be compromised. Hence, installing a keyless digital lock that is simple to set up, use and care for is an investment definitely worth making.

The usage of digital locks in Singapore, both in homes and commercial properties, is on the rise. Digital locks have many features and advantages. Other than being more secure than standard mechanical locks, the system can also be customized and set up such that only authorized people are allowed into the homes.


There are many types of digital locks in Singapore. One of the more popular models would be the keypad locks, which require the entering of a pincode.

Biometric locks, such as those that employ fingerprint or iris recognition to unlock the door, take security a step further than traditional keypad models.

The use of digital locks has several benefits over the use of standard locks and keys. In addition to being safer than conventional locks, they are also more practical, easier to maintain, and impervious to picking or damage. Plus, they often contain extra safety measures like deadbolts and strike plates for added protection.

Safety is paramount and should never be compromised. Protecting yourself and your loved ones should be a top priority.

If you’re looking go keyless while maintaining the aesthetic of your front entrance, here are some brands with lock models that will meet your requirements, both functionalities and aesthetics.

For example, some of the newest and most advanced features of Hafele’s digital locks are as follow:

  • Connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Ingenious Freeze
  • Adaptive Safety

Various Methods of Access

Before you decide on the digital lock for your home, you would need to first think about the digital lock’s access modes you need. A keypad, a fingerprint reader, or an RFID card are the most typical methods of entry. When picking the proper gadget, it is important to consider the frequent users of the digital lock and the access mode they are most comfortable with. The mechanical key and remote control module that come standard with digital locks are great extras that users may put to good use.

Keyless Digital Locks

First, let’s have a look at some of the best digital locks in Singapore that can be purchased by individuals:

1. Locks That Can Be Opened Electronically

  • Protecting your house from intruders is a difficult job. In order to keep your house safe from intruders, you need to familiarise yourself with modern lock technology. Homeowners everywhere have embraced electronic locks in droves. You may easily unlock these locks using a pincode. This is a wonderful device since it eliminates the need for keys. Codes and passwords should not be shared with random people. This will guarantee your safety and security. These days, they come with Bluetooth, so you can quickly sync it with your phone and keep tabs on visitors.

2. Safety Locks Based On Biometric Data

  • High-tech biometric locks, often used in workplaces, work by scanning a person’s fingerprints or eyes to let them access. This is a great deterrent against unwanted visitors since it’s so tough to disassemble and break into. If you store a lot of cash, jewellery, or other costly items, you should get this digital door lock, which is a little pricey but quite easy to use.

As we now have a better understanding of the many digital door locks on the market, it is important to find out how to choose the best lock for our specific requirements and budget.

3. Simple

  • The use of the best digital lock Singapore is both easy and convenient. You can lock and protect your home without worrying about losing the keys. If you have digital door locks installed on your doors, you can rest assured that no one will be able to gain unauthorised access to your property. You can keep tabs on the same data by installing the app on your mobile device. You may feel secure and in charge of your life if you practise constant attention.

4. Alarm

  • The use of a digital code is an excellent security measure for preventing burglaries and unwanted entrances. Passwords should be changed often to reduce the risk of hacking. Work-related travel or late-night office hours won’t prevent you from being alerted to any attempted break-ins by the alarm system.

5. Instructions for setting the lock’s code

  • It’s crucial that you communicate your preferences and requirements for the digital door lock installation. The master lock’s settings may be tailored to suit your profession and the value of your possessions. You won’t have to worry about being locked out of your own house again.



  • A wide variety of digital locks are available online. When shopping for locks, it’s important to read up on the brand’s reputation. Before buying a digital lock for your house, it is important to research the available options in terms of technology, features, dependability, and customer satisfaction. Invest wisely in a sophisticated safety system that is nonetheless straightforward to use. It will help you feel secure in your house and reduce your anxiety about break-ins.