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November 22, 2020 |

Why Go Digital (Locks)?|

Did you know the history of locks can be traced back to Ancient Egypt 6,000 years ago? 

wooden lock

Made entirely from wood, the lock was designed to be huge and it featured a heavy wooden key heavy wooden key that had pegs that corresponded to the holes and pins in the lock.

While the basic function of the lock remains, the designs of locks have gone through many rounds of transformation through the years.

In 1784, one of the most sophisticated lock of the 18th century was created by a man named Joseph Bramah. The lock held the reputation of the hardest lock to pick for 50 years until the invention of Yale Lock in 1844 by Linus Yale Sr.. The design of the Yale lock is adopted from the Egyptian Pin and Tumblr lock, with the addition of pins to enhance security.

A significant milestone for lock was in 1975 when Tor Sørnes patented the first electronic keycard lock. Since then, various form of authentication methods such as fingerprints and passcode have been explored to increase the convenience of digital locks.

In fact, in 2008, three students from Hongik University in Seoul invented the Storykeeper—a system whereby, instead of remembering a PIN-code, users just have to remember a story prompted by a selection of icons on the keyboard where the numbers would normally be.

There has been a huge adoption of the digital lock technology in recent years for both residential and commercial properties.


Is digital lock really better than conventional lock? 

  • Yes. Digital lock eliminates the need for a physical key. Many of us have either misplaced or forgotten our keys at least once and it can be an unpleasant experience. The ability to unlock a digital lock with either fingerprint or passcode not only bring convenience to the consumers, it makes being stuck outside the house without a key to unlock the lock a problem of the past.


  • Yes. You get better security with digital locks. It is close to impossible to break or duplicate the digital encryption mode of digital locks. This has significantly reduce the cases of crimes such as burglary.


  • Yes. The seamless integration of digital lock with smartphone allows users to have remote control over their locks, which help them to ensure that all the locks are properly secured. Users will also be alerted in event their locks are being tampered so that they can alert the nearest authority to take immediate actions.

This function of the digital lock also bring great convenience to users who are either physically impaired or seniors as they can unlock the lock with just a few taps on their smartphone.


  • Yes. For families that engage external help such as part time cleaner, a digital lock allows one-time authorization by generating unique access codes. There will be no compromise in the security of your home as these codes can be easily reset.


Technology has allowed a new level of convenience in our homes and embracing technology is one way we can improve the quality of our lives

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