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Philips 702E & 5100K

Philips 702E & 5100K

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Philips 702E & 5100K
Digital Door & Gate Lock
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EasyKey Smart Push-Pull Door Lock

Touch to Unlock

Way Easier with Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi connection enables you to check the access records without space constraints. Indoor infrared sensor unlocking, auto-lock, etc., which can make your life easier.

Model Model
Philips 702E  Philips 5100K
Max User Memory Max User Memory

1 Master PIN code, 10 User PIN code, 100 Cards,                   

100 Fingerprint, 1 One-time PIN code 

1 Master (PIN), 10 User (PIN), 100 Cards, Up to 100 Fingerprint,                   

1 One-time PIN code

Access Mode Access Mode
Fingerprint, PIN code, RFID Card, Mechanical key, App Unlock, Wi-Fi Unlock   PIN, RFID Card, Fingerprint, Key
User Friendly Interface User Friendly Interface
Yes Yes
Intrusion Prevention Intrusion Prevention
Yes Yes
Out-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm Out-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm
74.6mm(W) X 411.8mm(H) X 54.4mm(D) 74mm(W) X 184mm(H) X 20.7mm(D)
In-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm In-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm
78.3mm(W) X 412.1mm(H) X 78.3mm(D) 77.7mm(W) X 204mm(H) X 73mm(D)
Applicable Door Thickness (mm) Applicable Door Thickness (mm)
38-60 mm
60-90 mm
90-120 mm Other range*
38-60 mm
60-90 mm
90-120 mm Other range*
Door to Gate Allowance (mm) Door to Gate Allowance (mm)
75mm 73mm
4 to 8 pcs (1.5V, 'AA' Size, LR6 Alkaline) (DC 6V)
Battery Life
Approximately 6 to 8 month (Average 10 times per day)
*Please check batteries periodically (at least 6 months) for Leakage

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