Shaky Door Knob

Damaged key, unsteady door knob, door lock seizure.. these are some reasons why you are unable to unlock your door.

Prolonged use of traditional door lock, improper installation of door and exposure to heat and moisture can lead to several problems that can be a hassle to fix.

One commonly faced problem is door lock seizure. This happens when a key is unable to turn after inserting it into the lock. Door lock seizure is often caused by rusting issues, moisture, or other mechanical issues that need a locksmith to help troubleshoot.

It is important to refrain from forcefully turning the key as this would cause further damages to the lock.

The misalignment of the door latch and the strike plate or an uneven door are usually due to either a poor door installation or constant exposure to heat leading to an expansion. When this happens, it would be challenging to unlock the door. A repositioning and reaffixing of the door lock and hinges should solve these issues easily.

Some locks or bolts have existing defects that deteriorate with use. The entire cylinder mechanism might need to be replaced which can be troublesome and costly.

Switching from a traditional lock to a digital lock can help avoid many of these issues. Digital locks are comparatively more durable. Not having to go through the repetitive friction of key insertion and turning helps to extend its shelf life and prevents many problems that come with the wear and tear of a traditional lock.

Not having to use a physical key to unlock the door also means that situations such as damaged key or a door lock seizure will be a thing of the past.

The other benefits from switching to a digital lock include enhanced security, increased convenience, auto-locking of the door, and more!

There are many models of digital locks in the market today. Established brands such as Samsung, Philips, Bosch, Zeus offer a wide range of digital locks to cater to the varied needs, lifestyles, and budgets of consumers.

A bachelor pad might consider a basic model while a family home that engages help would fit a smart lock that offers access through the mobile application a more suitable choice for them. 

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