Aqara D200


Digital Door Lock

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  • 2 years warranty
Aqara Smart Door Lock D200i : featuring 3D facial recognition technology with a fully automatic lockset. Supports Apple Home Keys, and other unlocking methods such as PINs.Equipped with 3D structured light face recognition technology, it can be unlocked in one second, and supports 9 unlocking methods including password, temporary password, key, NFC card , and Apple Homekit and Home Key. Smart device linkage and cooperation.


  • Aqara self-developed 3D structured light, faster and safer than ordinary face recognition
    – provides an iPhone-like face unlocking experience, which is faster and safer than the 2D face recognitiontechnology adopted by most face recognition door locks.


  • Financial Payment Level Security
    – passed the financial payment level BCTC certification, integrates a 3D structured light camera module and a 3D face recognition algorithm, saying goodbye to general solutions with higher risks of cracking, and the face recognition process is completely localized. Face information is stored locally to improve the security of face unlocking.


  • Break through the fingerprint limit, the whole family can use it
    – The Aqara D200 face recognition smart door lock has a super-large recognition area of ​​1.3m-2.0m. This can solve the problems of children’s fingerprints not being obvious, small fingerprints, and old people’s fingerprints wear and tear, so that the whole family can experience the convenience of swiping their faces in seconds!


  • 9 kinds of unlocking methods, how to open is convenient
    – supports 3D face unlocking, password unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, Apple home key unlocking, temporary password unlocking, Apple HomeKit unlocking, APP remote unlocking, NFC unlocking and mechanical key unlocking.  9 kinds of unlocking methods. Use whichever suits you.


  • Whole house smart home 
    – Aqara D200 face recognition smart door lock has strong smart home connectivity. With intelligent products such as smart switches and air conditioner companion P3, it can be realized. When you open the door and go home, the lights will automatically turn on, and the air conditioner will automatically adjust to the appropriate temperature. With the Aqara smart camera G3, it can realize one-click to turn on the away-home mode, turn off the designated electrical appliances, and start the camera.


  • Apple Home Key
    – supports Apple’s home key, which can unlock the door lock with a single touch of an iPhone or Apple Watch.


  • Long battery life guarantee, safe always online
    -Aqara D200 face recognition smart door lock has a single battery capacity of 5000mAh, and the normal use life is more than 4 months. Aqara D200 face recognition smart door lock comes with an extra battery, which can be seamlessly replaced at any time.


Aqara D200

Max User Memory

Up to 50 Fingerprints, 2 Keys

Access Mode

1) Fingerprint

2) Mechanical Key

3) HomeKit / Siri (Bluetooth, Remote, Automations, Apple Home Key)

4) Aqara Home (Bluetooth, Remote, Automations*)

5) Permanent Password

6) One-Time Password

7) Remotely Configurable Password

8) NFC Card

9) Google Assistant (Cloud via Hub)

User Friendly Interface


Intrusion Prevention


Out-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm

77mm(W) X 406mm(H) X 20mm(D)

In-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm

77mm(W) X 406mm(H) X 26mm(D)

Applicable Door Thickness (mm)

40-80 mm

Door to Gate Allowance (mm)

80 - 85 mm


Replaceable Lithium-lon Battery (7.25==1.5 A)

Battery Life

3 months