Four Star Recharge Pro Bamboo Yarn Ticking Knitted & Natural Latex Mattress


Single, Super Single, Queen & King size with optional bed frame.

Free Delivery & Installation.

12 Years Limited Warranty.


Essential Series .
Non flip tight top design.

11″ Mattress.
5 Zones pocketed spring system for minimal partner disturbance.
Foam encasement & edge guards, boarder for side support .

Anti Dust Mites, bacteria and allergens.
Bamboo yarn ticking, naturally antibacterial, good for heat dissipation and keeps your body cool over the course of your sleep.

Mattress Features:

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Dustmite

Comfort Level:


Internal Construction:

Pillow Top

Mattress Height:


Mattress System:

5 Zones Individual Pocketed Spring

Mattress Material:

Natural Latex & Bamboo Yarn Ticking Knitted Fabric

Ideal For:

Side, Back, and Stomach Sleepers

What's so special:

Anti-Dustmite, Anti-Bacterial, and Allergen