LivingCare Jewel Series Home Water Purifier Delivery and Installation Included



Lightweight and svelte, our elegant Jewel dispensers fit in small spaces and complements any interior.

Jewel brings not only convenience, but also health into your living spaces. Alkaline water promotes body pH balance by neutralizing excess build-up of acidic waste. It enhances hydration, helping you feel more energized and revitalized on a daily basis. Brimming with antioxidants which fight harmful free radicals, it also slows the ageing process and aids in weight loss.


Slimmest Natural Antioxidant Alkaline Tankless Water Dispenser in Singapore. 1st Motorless Hot/Cold model that is ideal for homes!

  • Brimming with antioxidants, 99% free of bacteria & contaminants
  • 0 stagnant water, even in tubings – water is never reused
  • Ultra-light and slim design, fits effortlessly in limited spaces
  • Suit diverse household needs
  • NEW Infinite quantity selection!
  • Eco-Friendly: 0 standby energy consumption
  • Child-lock Safety Feature: added protection against hot water accidents
  • Filter Change Indicator + Self-changeable Filters

Jewel Dispensers come in 5 refreshing colours, you’re bound to find one perfect for you!

Available in Powder Blue, Flamingo Pink, Seafoam Mint, Chiffon White & Midnight Black. Non-alkaline option available.

Rated VoltageAC 220 ~/ 50Hz, 60Hz
Cold Water (1.4kW)
Hot Water (2.4kW)
FilterCarbon Block (pH) & Nano Positive
Temperatures7, 9, 11, 45, 70, 90°C
DimensionW 13cm x L 39cm x H 32cm