Solity GEA-1000BKF + GD-65B


Digital Door Lock + Gate Lock Bundle

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SOLITY GEA-1000BK fully automotic smart lock provides 6 unlocking solutions. Users can choose any unlocking method and enjoy the quick and easy door opening in one step.



The SOLITY GD-65B is an advanced gate digital lock with up to 8 ways to unlock, and it can simultaneously unlock your Solity door digital lock. What sets it apart is its flat rear body design, making it slimmer than others, and its ability to use fingerprint recognition for unlocking when you leave home, in addition to the standard remote controller.
Dual Unlocking Technology for Door & Gate: The SOLITY digital gate lock model GD-65B is designed to work seamlessly with compatible Solity GA-65B digital door locks, allowing for dual unlocking and synchronization. Unlocking the gate automatically unlocks the door, providing enhanced convenience and security.
Features:– Dual unlocking technology with Solity door locks- Dual fingerprint with fast & accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)- Slim & Sleek design (no mechanical key holder, no latch) for typical HDB flat

– Fake Passcode Function

– High Temperature Detection & Fire Alarm Detection

– Electric Shock Neutralization

– Intrusion & Breakage Alarm

– Lock Function to prevent mischief

– Dual Unlocking

– Silent Function

– Volume Setting

– Water Resistant

– Automatic & Manual Settings

– Battery Replacement Notification

– Emergency Power Supply: jumpstart with a 9V battery or a power bank.

Door Lock ModelGate Lock Model
Solity GEA-1000BKGD-65B
Max User MemoryMax User Memory

4 User (PIN), 100 RFID Tags, Up to 100 Fingerprints, 2 keys

100 User (PIN), 100 RFID Tags, Up to 100 Fingerprints, 2 keys
Access ModeAccess Mode
PIN, RFID Tag, Fingerprint, Wi-Fi App, Key

- Front body: Fingerprint, Passcode, RFID Card,

Bluetooth/App, Wifi (Optional)

- Back body: Mechanical key, Fingerprint, Remote control

User Friendly InterfaceUser Friendly Interface
Intrusion PreventionIntrusion Prevention
Out-body Dimension (W x H x D) mmOut-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm
85mm(W) X 339mm(H) X 56.5mm(D)78.3mm(W) X 192.2mm(H) X 24mm(D)
In-body Dimension (W x H x D) mmIn-body Dimension (W x H x D) mm
85mm(W) X 339mm(H) X 56.5mm(D)76mm(W) X 196mm(H) X 49.7mm(D)
Applicable Door Thickness (mm)Applicable Door Thickness (mm)
Door to Gate Allowance (mm)Door to Gate Allowance (mm)
80~85 mm40mm
4 pcs (1.5V, 'AA' Size, LR6 Alkaline) (DC 6V)
4 pcs (1.5V, 'AA' Size, LR6 Alkaline) (DC 6V)
Battery Life

Approximately 6 months (Average 10 times per day)

*Please check batteries periodically (at least 6 months) for Leakage